scam lands tourists knocking at private home in London scam lands tourists knocking at private home in London

A woman in north London was left shocked after being called on by dozens of tourists from different parts of the world. The unexpected visitors told her they had booked her house on, BBC reported.

There were travellers from Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and Los Angeles flocking to her home between July 4 and July 29.

On July 4, a woman and her daughter from Hong Kong knocked at her door saying they had booked her property. She sent them back, and the next day reported the incident to After six days, the digital travel company removed the property listing. She found her address on a listing, but the pictures showed the interior of a different house, as per Dailymail.

n the days that followed, about 100 people arrived at her house after booking it on the website, reported BBC.

“They came from all over the world; Australians who’d just arrived, there were some people from Saudi Arabia, some people from the north of England, and I just couldn’t believe it,” the woman told BBC. “It was obviously a scam, and someone had used my address. I felt so sorry for those tourists knocking on my door. All I could do was send them away.”

“I feel very worried about it. They’re very nice people, but perhaps one day we might get some people knocking on the door who actually are quite aggressive. I feel very vulnerable,” she added.

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